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 The world has rapidly shifted towards a new work order with no instruction manual. 
We are committed to creating an ongoing compilation of resources & best practices for remote team transformation

COVID-19 self-isolation measures can be your opportunity to 
reboot your remote team's effectiveness to perform better than ever before

Below is a library of additional resources for remote working

Leading Without Authority 


This book introduces Co-Elevation: a new operating system for an increasingly remote and transforming work world.  In times of crisis, we have a choice to dig in or commit to “going higher together.”  And when we chose co-elevation as our operating model, we unlock the potential for breaking new ground, increasing productivity, deepening commitment and engagement, and introducing a level of peer to peer accountability that can withstand the greatest external pressures and truly reboot the way we work forever. Regardless of your title, position, or how you work—remote or soon again in our offices—this book offers real-world solutions for the critical time we are in today.


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